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Colour schemes


Birb Fanatic
What’s your favourite combination(s) of colours to use for designing characters? Mine is black primarily accented with red and I admit I probably overuse it quite a bit.


it might not surprise you that my all-time favourite fictional character is well-known for having this exact colour scheme


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
Can't say I have any favorite color scheme. I just go with what real-life animals have. But I like to vary it a lot between characters, so there's a variety of different colorations in my gallery.

I seem to have a strong preference for stripes though. Majority of my critters happen to have them.

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
I’d say depends heavily on the theme of the character.
My own fursona use grey and red with things like orange, yellow and black(for clothing mostly!

But he’s a demon that’s meant to be Greed but also with a casino theme, and red is often used for both casinos and demons.

I don’t have a colour scheme preference honestly.

PC Master Race

Well-Known Member
For my sona fur, skin, eye and such, I stick to golden yellow or ivory, that sort of thing. Nothing else but yellow.
Weapons, though, are always black-white.


Like this.


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Oh I do love messing around with colors. ^u^ My personal favorites are mainly dark, like black with dark blue and then silver for accents, or natural colors that are on the darker side. I do love some good neon accents sometimes, as long as it isn't too overwhelming. As far as those neons go, a very dark blue with some mid-tone blues and cyan for the neon would have to be my favorite, that or a purple equivalent. Lately I've been pretty enthralled with working reddish purples like plum and burgundy into practically everything I've been drawing. Which isn't much, but it's there. Those dark reddish purples work really nicely with bright yellowish greens. I could keep going on for ages about this topic if I'm being honest.. ^^'