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Come Away To the Water •3•


Forever done
Heh, see what I did there . . .

Yup, I'm new and I'm the ever changing species. Literally I'm always changing fersonas. Just call me Legit.
I'm building my second suit right now, and hopefully I can get a picture of it's WIP up at some point.

I love you all.
Except Pete.
Freaking hate him.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
The Hyperlink pawprint to your main/art site account does not function. Be sure that you only typed in your mainsite username, rather than the entire url.



Forever done
Well damn, thanks.

EDIT: Fixed the link
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Forever done


The wettest wolf
What if my name is Pete :(

And howdy, welcome to the wonderful worlds of FAF!! Got any interests/hobbies

Do you happen to sail, swim, wakeboard, etc...
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The Wooflewaffle
So you're telling me that when I talk about you to other people, I can pull out my cool sunglasses and go, "Yeah, he's Legit. B3"?

Fuck yes.

Welcome to the forums! You can trust the fancy waffle guy, he's legit too.