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Come one, come all! Free art for the furry masses! ANYTHING GOES!


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I'm actually trying to find a furry artist who can capture the essense of a tattoo idea I want for my back.

Quite basically, it's a scene depicting two anthro figures.
One figure is a bear(male) with the other being a fox(female).
The scene is in an oval/circular frame, the background being a dark and primieval forest. Kind of reminiscent in design to a gloomy illustration in a childrens book, where the edges of the round forest scene actually fading away into the rest of the page with no real definable line borders.

The two anthro figures are standing in the middle of this scary forest scene, facing us.
On our left staring us down is the male bear. His fur can be a very dark brown to a black.
His presence is one of raw emotion. Pure fury, anger, livid with rage. He's staring right into us the viewer. In his right paw he's grasping a large, primitive battle spear, which is in an upright ready position, the butt of the shaft still resting on the ground.
His fur is on end, his shoulders are tense, and he is ready to draw blood.
It'd be awesomely great if a native american feather necklace and feathered armbands decorated him as well as the piercing stone tip of the spear.
The fox is decidedly female.
She had just rushed away from us(the viewer) and after a twirl, latches onto the bears left arm.
Her body and head is resting secure and seductively onto the bears left arm, nuzzling up and into him for protection. Her fox tail is trailing from our left to the right, catching up to her new direction and facing like a lazy scarf that has just been whipped around. She's facing to our left, into the bear, and the tip of her tail which is still trailing around behind her is pointing to the left as well.
Though her body posture suggests one seeking comfort and love, the look on her face as she stares back at our direction has a completely different emotion to it. She has a very vengeful, dark humor as she's thinking "haha, you're dead now..." while she smirks ruthlessly towards us.
Her primary colour should be more orange than red.

If you're looking for a challenge to capture emotion and a single-scene story, I'd love for you to try this piece. It's hard to describe in detail without confusing people, and even harder to capture on paper.
The scene and picture have special meanings to me. Good luck if you consider this! ^_^


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Would you draw a tasmanian devil snarling? Using maybe red sharp bright highlights and black-blue for shadowing? Or other colors? Tassies are kind of bland so if you just want to do it in crazy colors that'd be alright.

Here is a ref, if you want it > http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3771654/


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SUP GUYS. My life just got way busier. I got a job last week and have been happily working full time. :D Woo! So I dunno how many requests I can do after this..we'll see. I still need to build my portfolio on FA.

This is for Nexy!



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You still open?

Could I request Willow, looking kinda like my previous avatar?
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Oh ya O: btw I finished your picture >w> It only black and white at the moment and I may attempt to color it when I have time <w< even though I think my coloring looks shotty XD


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I have two requests actually. The first is Alex (my fursona) turquoise tiger with violet eyes at a cafe at midnight. To celebrate being married for a year she shares an milkshake with her hubby (who's my hubby) a traditional German Shepherd (tan, black saddle) and a red badanna around his neck.

The second would be the fursona of my hubby, the German Shepherd in red boxers relaxing in a recliner.

My profile is here with some examples other have done very kindly for me: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/alexstone/


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