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Come one, come all.


Optimistic Okapi
Alright! Cool!

Everyone, I'll post the finished pictures in this thread as I complete them. Now, off to work!


wait am i on the list? you said u added me but im not there.


Beanstalk Giant
Sure thing!

Would you liek him big as he's picture or just an average sized otter?

If big; Would you like him tromping around a city, if small would you like him chillaxing on a rock by a pond?
How about big near a lake, tossing a boulder in like a pebble?


I see you've got quite a running list, but if you don't mind, I'd love to be added to it.

I would love for you to draw either:
My pit bull, Sparta, playing violin or cello in some old-fashioned (like, pre-1900s, but not necessarily feminine) clothing. Perhaps something like this: http://www-personal.umd.umich.edu/~ckecskes/Actors/Gerard Butler/phantomopera53.jpg (If you've seen the movie, you'll know the dress. Unfortunately, I can't find a better pic of it).
Either of my Nagas, Mavain or Ngozi (no refs for Ngozi, but there are pics of him in my gallery) doing something tribal-y, maybe wearing some ceremonial garb, since you said you like bright colors.
Again with the bright colors, a bright bay Arabian (male or female doesn't matter to me) in a belly dance costume? It's a little difficult to find references for male costumes, but here are some typical female ones: http://www.gotriadscene.com/images/event/6114/sadie.jpg

So yeah, take your pic of any of those, whenever you get around to them. I'm also willing to trade, if you prefer.

Thank you very much in advance!


Well....I had this nice long description of their relationship typed out, but then I hit the wrong button and it got deleted....so I'll shorten it.

Mav's leads the tribe, but Ngozi is the first advisor and lieutenant and has a large say in Mavain's decision-making process. Yes, they're a couple, but if you're not okay with malexmale, you don't have to draw them as such. They live in Africa, if that helps with clothing (if you feel like drawing them with any). Think Zulu or Masai.

As for snakes, Mavain is a natural ball python. References are easy to find.
Ngozi is a Mandarin ratsnake, but his markings are more perfect than most of the actual specimens. This should be a decent help: http://www.proexotics.com/pricelist_photos/nov_3_06/mandarin1.jpg


Optimistic Okapi
Thank you! :]

Your character shall be fun to paint! With the vibrant colours and snakelike body!


:3 i luv you
May i ask u to draw my fursona? a Jackalope with purple cat eyes and a fox-like tail a child like ,cute 1 i could give all details on aim or IM with a pic :3 it will be challenging tho if your up for it. :)


The Black Kat
Can you do one of mine?

Name: Shinzuu Katame
Height: 6'11"
Species: Wolf-Tiger
Color: Black fur with Silver Tiger Stripes. Left eye Brown. Right eye is Neon-Green and a feline eye. Underside is gray instead of white.
Looks: Wolf's body. No stripes on head except on ears and 3 on top of his muzzle that look like claw marks. Ummmm... here's the hair ref. ---->
But the ponytail goes down to his lower back, and remains thin. Stripes do go down his tail, but not the isn't isn't one big color like normal tigers.
Clothes: White Gi with a black Hakama. Has 2 katanas, sheaths on left hip. Red hair tie-wrap.

I hope it interests you enough.
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