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Comets in the sky (with diamonds...)


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Odd that no one has started a thread about this, but there's two comets in the sky.

One's called C/2011 L4 but is known by the name of the observatory that discovered it, pan-STARRS.
The other one is C/2012 F6 but known as Comet Lemmon also for the observatory that found it.
I'm not sure when they stopped naming comets after the people who discovered them, like Halley and Hale-Bopp.

Comet pan-STARRS should be visible in the Northern Hemisphere right after sunset, directly west on the horizon, below the moon. It will set about 40 or so minutes after sunset. It will be getting higher in the sky but as it's moving away from the sun it will probably get fainter. It's supposed to be pretty hard to see without binoculars.

Comet Lemmon is in the southern hemisphere and is approaching the sun. It won't be visible in the north until mid April or so. This one's a bright green-blue, as opposed to Pan-STARRS which is white.

It's been too cloudy to see it around here, and today's the first day it's really cleared up, so I went driving. Either it was too late after sunset, or the clouds on the horizon were blocking it, but I saw nothing. Unfortunately the best spots to see the horizon around here that I know of are over-highway bridges that have headlights that make it hard to see anything.


They still name comets after people. it's just that they are discovering astronomical objects at such a high rate, the IAU has better things do to then to name them all.