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Comfort Foods


The hell am I reading, here?
To all you cookie dough fiends: Be careful. There are eggs in some dough mixtures. Eat the cookie dough raw, you eat raw eggs, and that's asking to get salmonella or something similarly unpleasant.

Eggs aren't nearly the threat people regard them to be. Salmonella doesn't penetrate the shell, and in America at least all eggs have to be thoroughly cleaned before they can be sold. Actual contamination statistic is something like 1 in 50,000 IIRC. Raw chicken is still dangerous as fuck, of course.


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A few nights ago I was hella depressed about *censored* (HA! you fuckin' wish I'd tell you)... So I went to Walgreens, bought me some Twix Ice cream and a Mango/Green Tea hybrid Arizona... It helped a lot, and it was sooooooooooooo good. x3


The hell am I reading, here?


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Grilled Cheese.


No, I believe i'm talking about politics.

You're a total fucking dumbass.

You insinuated that they always sell "pork" already cooked. That was a fallacious statement. To try and clarify exactly what you might have meant, I suggested "ham". You then went into "DERP DERP HOW DOES I SARCASM LOLOL I TROL U" mode.


The hell am I reading, here?
Oh god it's back.


Green Tea with 2 tablespoons of milk always calmed my mind. '_'

Dried fruits are kinda fun to snack on, but unfortunately too much of these could lead to diabetes. ;~;


Dark chocolate for food, whisky for comfort. :V

I still don't know how some people are able to drink alcoholic beverages. I've tried it and it just tastes awful. Do you drink it for the taste or the effect it gives? <:3


it used to be prosciutto and oil-cured "raw" sausage (to back up that whole uncooked thing)
or my mom's cooking, particularly cavatelli in a "ragu" sauce with braciola and meatballs
but now
i dont know
a spoonful of peanut butter cheers me up here or there
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I generally go for something I shouldn't go for. Like hershey bars. But if there's non of those in the house I just eat my healthy cereal. It's delicious. :3