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Comic book suggestions?


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I'm looks for furry graphic novels/ manga. Has to be a real book not a webtoon. I want to see if I can get it at the library or request that they buy it, since they're expanding. Any suggestions?


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The first two that spring to mind are Beastars and Blacksad. There’s a graphic novel adaptation of Redwall I read a while ago and really liked, although it is intended for younger readers.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Read Jack Wolfgang. It's a furry spy-fi series a colleague put me on to.

"With the invention of Super Mega Tofu, civilization has seen the advent of a fragile peace—between animals and humans, between carnivores and herbivores. This miracle food has the peculiar quality of being universally loved. Jack Wolfgang, the world-renowned restaurant critic, travels the world sampling Super Mega Tofu in all of its varieties. It’s the perfect cover for his second identity: Jack Wolfgang, CIA special agent. When his friend and mentor is killed, Jack picks up the scent of a conspiracy and tracks it half way around the globe. Can society survive this collision of fine dining and espionage?"