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Comic collaboration? Looking for a writer/ I'm offering to do artwork for free


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Anyone interested in doing a short comic collaboration, maybe, perhaps..?

I'd be looking for an author/ writer, but we could also still collab on the story. I'd be willing to do all the artwork for free and this would be a good opportunity to get complex with my art and expressiveness.

I've attempted this before, quite a while ago, but I was the one writing the story. There was a lack of communication and it seemed we were both always busy so it sort of dropped the face of the earth no questions asked. This time around I have a little too much free time to spend~

Maybe this could also be your opportunity to test your writing skills and do a 'lil research if your interested in this sort of thing? Or maybe you already have an established story you want to expand on? Anything will do!

I've never asked to do this before, so express your interest below??!! We can learn together :')

Side note:
Not willing to do porn or anything overly political in nature (specifics can be discussed to be clear)

I'll check back in the morning-


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Would you wanna mess with little drabbles/characters to see if there's a spark for you art wise first at all? This sounds super fun.


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What kind of story would you have in mind? I would be interested in doing a short comic collab, though if I did that I wouldn't want to just work on writing, I would like to do part of the drawing if our styles don't clash too much, maybe the backgrounds?
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Oh wow this sounds awesome! Well I've had this story sitting around for years that I've always dreamt of having published. Thinking about it maybe it could make an interesting comic. It's kind of Clifford the Big Red Dog meets Ah Real Monsters. It's aimed towards teens and would have a warning of some gory scenes probably. It's about a dire dog and his boy and their adventures to rid their town Trash Ville from various villains. The boss character is called Bullos and is kind of like a minotaur.

I have the basic look for many of the characters (I'm talking elementary school doodles on loose leaf paper rofl) so they will need refinement and I just need to retype the story up as I seem to have lost the file. But I would love to see this brought to life after it spent ten + years in my closet saddens me. I have a discord and we could work over that for better communication.

Second option is a vaguer story that I would love help creating the adventures etc. It would be more like a slice of life with maybe some battles. Featuring my elephant guy and his life as a slave under a Persian King guarding his harem. He was a guard, transportation, war siege, and gladiatorial fighter. So if your looking for something more historical feeling could go this way and I'd love to see my character brought to life in various panels. Here is his gallery.

Let me know if any of this interests you ^^

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I’d love so much to work on a comic! I can write a good and full story!
I’ve actually done a comic story before. Part of a commission to an artist where I wrote the story and someone else paid the artist.
www.furaffinity.net: Captain's Orders (Page 1) by GrimmHund
The story has two parts for another page to be done by the artist sometime. It has an NSFW ending, so it’s properly marked as such on my FA page.