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Comic Commission Costs


Before any assumptions are made, I'm not asking anyone here what price my commissions should be. I'm simply doing some research before I choose the prices myself for this particular type of commission, and I was hoping for a little help.

When I open up a new kind of commission, I like to look around and check the prices other people do the same service for, both to see what the generally accepted prices are and what details I should include when writing up the info. But after poking around on my own I've found 1) Comic page commissions aren't super common and 2) A lot of comic artists don't publicly list their commission prices, 3) Many of those who do have price charts for it are obscenely undercharging ($50 for a fully colored comic? These kids are nuts!) or 4) They have an incredibly complicated system in which they just apply their regular commission rates by counting each figure in the panels and how much of their body is showing meaning they can't price their comic without it already having been drawn.

So! The point of this thread is if anybody happens to know artists who do comic commissions and have their prices listed, I'd be really appreciative of a link to help me out with my price checking!