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Comic Cons and Copyright


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I hope this is the right forum to post this....

I've attended comic cons in my home town for the past couple of years and, more than once, I've thought about setting up my own table to sell my drawings. What is putting me off, however, is the issue of copyright.

I see so many tables selling merchandise with Pokemon, manga and anime characters, Disney, Marvel, etc and I just have to wonder 'How are they getting away with it?' Is it a case of seeing how far you can go before you get caught? I understand that Disney in particular can come down pretty hard on people for violating their copyright.

What are your thoughts?


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It depends a lot on the particular property owner. From what I understand, Hasbro deliberately looks the other way for merchandise that isn't directly competing with them sold at pony cons, but I hear they're are a bit less tolerant of online sales. I suspect a lot of property owners just... basically pretend they don't know/notice about the stuff being sold at cons, because it's not generally large-scale enough or available on a persistient enough basis, to compete with their own merchandise. (Anime and manga characters may also, if the US rights are not owned by any company, fall into a different bucket because Japan has a different fanwork culture.)

I wouldn't personally do directly-derived content (anthro Pikachu for instance) for sale, but don't have a problem with loosely-derived content (a Pokémon trainer without companion Pokémon, fakemons, My Little Pony OCs, etc).