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(Commission) Selling: Comic Flatter LF Work ($15/HR)


Hello, my name is Rocky Fuller and I'm currently looking for work through comics, more specifically doing flats for characters and base of backgrounds if needed (I cannot do full backgrounds unfortunately) Please read my requirements when working with me before ordering. Here are examples of my work: http://sta.sh/22a5mykx9zqa

1] PSD files only, so that any art program that uses layers can be used by both/all parties (I mainly use Paint Tool SAI 2 and have CSP)
2] SFW and tasteful nudity comics only; no fetish comics. I can do furry, humans, aliens, monsters, and fan art-themed comics
3] Must provide character references, aka color palette for each character. Reference sheets or palettes with notes for skin, eyes, clothing, etc on each are mandatory
4] Payment via Paypal only, at $15/HR; I can finish 1 comic page in 3 hours or less
5] Send an email that is connected to your Paypal to real.rockyfuller@gmail.com, attaching the page file(s) and character references to the email. You will be added to a queue and I will ideally start working the same day. Once I'm done, you'll receive an invoice with the final amount ($15-45+)
6] You will not receive the finished files until after my invoice has been paid for. Please try to pay within 3 days of receiving the invoice. I will remind you on the 4th day that it hasn't been paid

Feel free to email me for questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


4-tailed kitsune
Very cool. Good luck!