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Hiring: Comic-like couple (up to 3 people) art: budget $400 PayPal



Comic-like couple (up to 3 people) art
Full bodies
Budget $400 PayPal


AKA cosmonautiks
Hello! I currently have a deal on NSFW commissions running here: www.furaffinity.net: discount NSFW commissions by cosmo-cat
However I have put examples below of my normal commissions in case you wanted any extra options. More examples (SFW and NSFW) are found at my gallery here. I do have a list of NO'S when doing NSFW- please discuss this with me in private.
I'm estimating it'll take me about a week to do your commission. If you're interested in my work please send me a message, thank you!




Active Member
This user twice deleted us from Discord.
Yesterday we talk about all and talking about payment. All was normal. But they delete us. Then we writing messages like that to this Theme and they add as to discord and say this was for mistake and now they blocked us again. May be they do it for fun! And wasting time of others. Be Aware! I will write to FA staff and to ArtstsBeware Site. Also I will sending messages to all who sent reply to your offer.


Dragoness, Comms Open!
Nobody knows why she/they/he doing all that
Also this user change his nickname in discord to luner.goddess

I remember dealing with this person as well awhile back under that exact name. All was good until we talked about payment and then they just stop responding and then randomly respond back saying they still want the commission and they should get paid soon, then go ghost again. Be careful everyone!