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Free Art: Comic pages! For up to ten pages. Kind of a raffle?


So I need examples and practice with comic pages so that I can start offering them as commissions. This is not first come, first serve. I'll be picking and choosing a few ideas I'd like to work on. Give me a description of your project- be as vague or as detailed as you'd like. I'm willing to do SFW or NSFW [if you want to give details on a NSFW project, feel free to DM me]
Give me a place to contact you [here, FA, Discord, or Twitter- whichever's easiest] so that if I decide to work with you I can shoot you a message.

I will draw feral or anthro characters, pretty much any species, mechs, robots, creatures, etc. and will try any setting / environment. This is for up to 10 pages, up to me if I draw flat colour or shaded.

I will not draw characters belonging to an established media franchise- such as Pokémon, Digimon, etc. in a NSFW context. I will also not do extreme or taboo NSFW including underage, abuse, scat, etc.

Here's some examples of my art for those interested:
and more on my FurAffinity page



I'll poke your butt
Woah! Your art is amazing! Gosh, uh, I'll have to think of something.

My fursona is a young adult that likes to peruse the city he lives in at night. He's used to spying on people and sometimes messing with those who are doing suspicious activities. He's a comedic nuisance to those who deserve to get in trouble. Sometimes he bites off more than he can chew and gets roughed up, much to his father's dismay. Him and his dad tend to butt heads, but not always.

I don't know if this is interesting but I tried. Lol Thanks for reading!
I'll include a picture of him and his dad.


Edit: Oh yeah. Here's my discord! Chomby#9115


Queen of Laziness
Ooo, this sounds fun! I have to admit, I have been looking to flesh out my new sona a bit more, if you’re interested.

It’ll be set in a world much like our own, so I don’t know how interesting it will be, but Darby was born as one of very few Antlered Does among white tail deer. I really want to explore the effect that this has on the people around her- from her family and friends to her routine work life on her family farm. I can easily think of a scenarios that will fit the 10 page limit, and I may even have the opportunity to introduce new characters, if you would allow me to.

This will be purely SFW, of course.

If you’d like to contact me, the best place would be on Discord! I’d be more than happy to share it privately, if you’re interested.

I’m unsure if you need refs for all the characters you may or may not include in the comic sample, but I do have one for Darby. I’ll attach it below. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I hope you find the example you’re looking for!


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Pirate Fox Mom
First your art looks really cool.

Second I have an idea for a one/two pager, a little nsfw. I need to refine the script a little. it would feature these two.
I can be contacted through FA notes, or here on the forum. If my idea is to your liking I have discord and telegram.
I'll work on refining the idea today, I should have something by...maybe tomorrow.


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oh wow, this is an incredible chance! whether or not you would pick my concept, thank you so much for the opportunity alone!!

my idea is something that i’ve actually had in my head for a good while now.. i’d always wanted to make a type of animatic out of it (dirty, grandson) out of it, but i lack the patience, time, and skill to actually animate ahah. short synopsis would be along the lines of:
small little bit of backstory: the main character, my girl bella, basically is a jerk ú-ù not really a nice girl, can’t hold a job, and doesn’t have much in the way of friends. somewhat cliche, perhaps, but over time one of the people that lives in her apartment complex she eventually becomes friends with after like. months of her bullying the hell out of him but he never really backed down yada yada. she barely scrapes by in general, and over time, and much to her objections, he ends up helping her out a lot. getting her life straightened, a better roof over her head, reconnecting with family.. stuff like that. it’s only a while later that she finds out that he’s fighting terminal lung cancer which were cause of some really pessimistic (compared to usually really optimistic) views on certain aspects of life. and he works construction he’s barely scraping by with normal and medical bills alone, let alone the fact he’s been helping support her as well. that kind of deal.

well backstory over, more along the lines of storyboard, basically. i have one more additional character who i’ve been trying to work into a story with my main ocs, who works full-time mechanic half-time hitman. i had always envisioned liam, the sick friend, has a bad episode (can def be off screen) and is in the hospital. bella knows he’s broke as hell now, and genuinely wants to help him, but she too is broke as hell. i am a bit short on time now aaa, but long story short, bernard (mechanic hit man guy) somewhat takes her under his wing, talking her into the idea of following him. that if she wanted to help him out, it wasn’t going to be honestly cause truthfully, the world don’t work that way. the story progressing through that up to her taking somebody’s life and money, to her in the hospital with liam trying to convince him to take it cause he knows that she did something wrong to get it. and he’s very. very. very anti-violence/killing.

edit bc i forgot to add it: while not explicitly nsfw, i feel it would have some direct suggestiveness to it at one specific part? but otherwise it would be sfw!

bella’s toyhouse!


liam’s toyhouse


bernard’s toyhouse


most of them ARE drawn feral, mostly because that’s what i, personally, am comfortable drawing. but i know smth like this would fit better in a more anthro type world and that’s fine !! i have anthro forms for all of these characters so it would work in that essence ^^

IDK i’m just short on time to go into much detail, but i have a good chunk of storyboard, beyond this, in my head and the thought of it possibly coming to life is really exciting absheueehnsj. i’m not super great at responding to stuff on FA since i don’t check my browser as much as i do other accounts i have, but i’m very easily accessible on discord and instagram!! again, whether or not this would go through on my end, thank you so much for the opportunity for this!!!


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Woah, your art's awesome!!

I have a fair amount of characters and multiple short plot / interaction ideas I could use for them! If any characters catch your eye in particular let me know and I can explain about them!!

As for setting of my world / basic info, see below!!

The main setting of the plot is in the underworld. There are different sections of the underworld corresponding to different time periods and each run by a different demon. The five current sections are a wild west sort of section run by Maverick, an industrial revolution section run by Bronze, a modern section run by Lucifer, a Salem witch trials section run by Nettle, and a wooded forest section run by Stratus (who was the first demon). Although most souls in the underworld are unable to leave due to them being dead, some living people / inbetween living and dead are in the underworld and are able to go back and forth. Two of these people are Atlas and Darling, rival bounty hunters who go out in the living world and, you know, bounty hunt. They can leave through gates scattered across the continents, often hidden in inconspicuous locations like broken down gas stations. Other people who leave the underworld include messengers like Catalyst, Oliver, and Blackjack, who relay messages and information between the demons and the living world.

You can contact me on twitter at @saber_cheetah or discord (Saber#1799) (twitter will probably get a faster reply)

Thank you for the chance! I can elaborate on anything you need me to!