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Comic Series Art Thread!


Hey all!

I've been hard at work on developing a comic series and I thought people here might like to see what i have so far :)

So, the basic story is this: “A canine is torn away from his quiet life to save his kingdom from destruction by two bored Gods.”

The world itself is based on Egyptian mythology, and the two cities are in a desert, which is proving interesting to draw! The two cities used to be one, until the old emperor and his second in command fell out over the use of magic. The city split into two – one city embraced the use of magic, and the other went through something called the “Purges”, which was essentially killing all citizens who could use magic.
Turns out the two emperors were being controlled by two bickering Egyptian Gods, and they’ve been controlling the whole family line of the current emperors of both cities since the split, 500 years ago. All this because they were accidentally released from a tomb that they were sealed in, since this has happened before, long ago.

Here are some of the concepts I have so far for the comic:






I am currently working on a small teaser comic, hopefully to be released next week. This comic features an interview with the main character, Ven Brandleburst! Here's a little snippet:


If anyone wants to follow the development of the comic, do follow me over on my dA! :3

oOmelazeeOo on DeviantArt