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Comic starring a tiger, male, hunk


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does ANYONE know of a LONG comic starring a tiger? white, orange, doesnt matter ; ) he is male, hunk (big guy!), straight, bi or gay, doesnt matter...


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I've read a book, is that close enough?


There's a very famous Japanese comic (and also anime), Tiger Mask, set in the world of professional wrestling. The hero was just a human guy with a mask, but he'd almost never take it off so the artist tended to draw him like it was his actual head.


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I'm looking for a certain comic starring a Tiger, but I forgot the title. He's not very photogenic, but he takes some photos anyway at a shopping mall. An unknown character takes notice and starts sending him messages to take suggestive photos at said mall. He's reluctant, but complies. I'd like to read this comic again. Please help? Thanks. :)