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Coming out of the furry closet.


still wonders were this closet is

Connor J. Coyote

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Someone else can fucking have them if they want them so damn much, I need their unctuous presences in my life like I need a fucking hole in the head
Well..... it's ultimately your own decision, and best of luck with things then, (in that regard).

But.... if anything, what I wrote above - is food for thought, (hopefully).... as there are many people out there, that have no one at all; and..... *sometimes* having half a loaf (so to speak) of a relative in one's life - is better than having none at all..... especially in the World that many of us are living in today.
I just told my best friend I’m a furry and he just keeps sending me memes and making fun of me (in a playful way) but he doesn’t get it


But you're in a closet with so many others!
All hot and sweaty...
Cramped into close contact. 8)
Yeah you do have a point =w=

*hugs the people next to me*

I can’t see em, it’s dark in here so it feels kind of lonely. Tho we’re all in this together I suppose. It’s nice to be able to get out and breath and talk about it on FAF I guess.

I appreciate y’all <3


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Roommate found my sona pics on my desktop after I left the screen on a few years ago. Involuntarily left the cage but he’s cool with it.


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My husband doesn’t like furries and knows I am one. I want to participate more than I can, such as buying art etc


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
That's got to be awkward at times! May I ask how this is working for you both? I'm not sure if I could be in a relationship like that!