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Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

I found a cheap binder that I want to buy once I'm at school and away from home (even if it is only a temporary "away") I just really want to have it for certain days when I feel like presenting as male. c:


My parents have known I'm gay for several years, and it wouldn't be too hard for anyone who did a little bit of internet research to find out as much, but the way I act and dress in public doesn't telegraph my sexuality. Have I not 'come out' unless I am open enough to tell even strangers that I'm into dudes sexually? Not that I'm purposefully trying to hide it (although it seems some bridges could be burned, given how more than half of Americans are religious in some way) but I don't make it as obvious as I could either right away.
I kid, I kid. No take seriously.


Lost in the Static
I am a sexually confused teenager, not sure if bi or gay. Ah, the joy of growing up.