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Coming out

Dragon Flurry

New Member
Hello fur family,
I was wondering how everyone came out with showing there fursona. I'm a 43yr old that enjoys this but also self conscious of what others say, to a point.
Just in thought right now.


Step one: Do not 'come out' as a furry.
Step two: Hey, what's up.
Step three: Do not come out as a furry.

You think you have it bad now? Generally, when one comes out, (IE trans or anything other than straight) it features a lot of fear because their lives are going to change. How they're perceived might change. Coming out as a furry is no where near close. So you like anthro animals- thats cool. You don't need to show anyone your fursona. Seriously. Chillax. Its a harmless hobby.


Forever done
You do not have to "come out" as a furry.
Being a furry is an interest, a hobby, not a drastic life-impacting decision.


Sorry for the double post, there was a problem with the posting and I click on it again :)


A.K.A the greeting wolf
no drama don that happens sometimes.
also no drama flurry. its a hobby and nothin more. there's not rly much to come out about.
anyways hellow there and welcome to faf.^^


Depressive Rat
You shouldn't "come out" as a furry. That's like coming out as an artist. No point. It's a hobby