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Comissions available

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Email me at odjit.sanura@gmail.com

Payment options via paypal

Prices in Canadian funds.

I have way too many mediums I get my paws into to make a list of commission prices. It all really depends on the medium, detail, and how long it takes me to do it.

Buyer pays for shipping for large items (anything above and beyond a print or sketch)

Shipping for larger items (such as the books) is about 10$ to the US and 15$ to the UK. (im located in canada)

No payment nessessary for shipping on electronic comissions via email.

My main mediums are:

fabric (sewing, clothing)
metal wire and gems
polymer clay

Also, keep in mind Im always willing to try new mediums

I can be flexible on price depending on the work involved. The only thing I will not budge on in price is the leather roses.

There have been concerns over price of the leather items. Keep in mind they are solid leather, unlike big name stores that layer crappy leather with cardboard to make it look like top grain top grade leather.

With Leather items, I will also provide aftercare instructions and where you can get the aftercare products so that your leather articles can stay looking beautiiful after decades of use.

The leather items I can make range from keychains to roses to even certain types of reinactment armour (SCA, larping, etc).

Comissions are going towards my rent and not gifts! Im looking for work but work is a bit slim at the moment.

Sketches: $10-$30
Traditional mediums (under inked on my user panel) $30 and up
Digital $20-$50
Leather books: $35 and up depending on detail and size
Other leather items: $8 and up (obviously armour is going to cost more)

I can also do black and white images on each page of the books(see my FA gallery for more info)

I still have some leather roses for sale for 8$ each

Pre-made leather items that are on my FA are ready to go.

New works will be available for the new year.

Most leather items can be customized, such as the book covers.

Please PM me or email me for more details if you are interested.
Not open for further replies.