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Comissions open! 5$ Quickies!

I am trying to save up to go to a festival with my friends, for a very specific reason with sentimental value attatched to me being there for my friends. Its comming up at the end of July, and I need monies to go...but its one of those festivals that I ABSOLUTELY have to be there.....and to my friends who know me really well, yes it is THAT important.

So....I am doing a round of 5$ quickies. Canadian or US dollars will do, and it's payable by Paypal.

If you want your character sketched and have 5$ burning a hole in your pocket for a pic of your toon, or porn, Please let me know.

Please provide reference sheets where applicable.

Examples can be seen below:

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2202344 - i went a bit overboard on this one but Eradragon paid for it. I just rolled with the idea.

If you are interested, Email me at odjit.sanura (at) gmail.com or send me a private note. I don't post to the forums very often, so please dont message me through the forums.

Forgot to mention that these are full body images, that can be adult oriented, fetish based, herm, female, or male....

Please include a reference sheet for the character if available

Please also respect that I will not touch certain fetishes, or subjects (more specifically scat or cub porn). If you aren't sure just ask....Im pretty open with MOST subjects
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