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Comments...such hostility

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lol hai Fiz remember me?


shut up bitch
lol hai Fiz remember me?

Oh no bro, don't worry, if there was a comment hiding/deleting feature, I'd never do that to your comments on my picture; they're too great.

Gotta keep it classy.


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Oh no bro, don't worry, if there was a comment hiding/deleting feature, I'd never do that to your comments on my picture; they're too great.
I can agree with that sort of atitude. Even in sarcasm, some comments just aren't worth the time to click "Remove" on.


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Only seriously demeaning comments are worth removing, not constructive criticism. For those who get butthurt over little things such as the latter does not warrent any need for self-remove buttons so their fragile ego isn't shattered because they posted something that had glaring errors on it and refuses to acknowledge them.

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While it may come to comment hiding soft deletes in later versions, I sometimes wonder why people are so willingly in a rush to post their works in the first place. It's like acting like your art is a personal diary then then getting upset when people you have no idea who is reading says something.

Don't be in a rush to post works, take your time.

If you need to show it to a select group of people, then post it to those people.

Posting it publicly it's likely you want the watches and attention, unfortunately, it has its side effects.


Would it not be possibly to just simply give the User who submitted the piece to "Hide" an entire conversation tree? Then if anyone else so chose give them a bright red button that says "See Hidden Comments" and do a red dotted line around whatever was deleted (like what quotes look like)...

This way the user could get rid of the troll comments easily, but at the same time anyone who wished to, could go back and read/comment further...

Sorry if this was said already...


Users should have very little, if any, real direct control over the deletion of comments.


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I like the way it's currently set up honestly. Comments shouldn't be deleteable by a user at all, and only by an admin if it's actually somebody harassing the person.


Oh wow...decided to look over their little side forums...
Their argument is basically "mom he won't stop looking at me!" and are willing to take it to their fucking grave.
Maybe they should have considered...not...posting art in public after all if they can't even ignore a person (read as: clicking "Nuke all" button) "spamming" their message box with fav's.

I don't know. The lack of sense these few have just goes way over my head.
Apparently we are all "senseless and stupid morons" ...lol. Their forum, their opinion (or lack thereof)

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People are easily butthurt, and there is no such thing as not committing pose theft. Chances are every pose has possibly been done before.

Mmm yes and no. Depends on how much was taken from the original.

This was an interesting article about what was and wasn't: http://www.conceptart.org/copyright (this is a ppt, Power Point Presentation)

We are dealing with however, non registered works.

That being said, referencing is a good way to learn but I think the downside is that people who are doing it are just borrowing from pop culture, not studying stuff that could have real benefits like great master copies. You could probably learn more from Egon Schiele, than just copying something that looks cute from someone else's page and reposting it. I'm not of the mindset of total discouragement of the stuff, but if people did a wider spectrum than "hey cool, he's my favorite artist on FA" and studied more, they'll probably improve faster and with much better range.


That and life drawing, but I guess that's not fun...but if it's not why are you drawing?


b-b-b-b-but I thought the purpose of this site, dare I say it, the fandom was to surround one's self with people to reinforce whatever little make-believe world you live in! Letting people criticize someone's art goes against that fundamental principle of furrydom!

Exclamation marks.


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Unfortunately this thread leaves out a lot of the finer details about what had happened with this particular person. It's also kind of hypocritical because the one being "flamed" decided to flame someone else via a second account.

Regardless, it wasn't that the image was merely a pose reference, it was the fact that it was heavy pose reference. The kind where you look at the image and it's plain as day as to where the pose was taken from.

By You Policy said:
You may post any Submission provided that the submission is an original work created by you. Joint works and collaborations must give proper credit to all contributing sources.

If you're going to rely that heavily on a particular piece, then you are still required to give credit to the source of that piece.

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I'm gonna close the thread then. We already have a lot of general topics for comments, and this thread was misleading.
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