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Comments Suggestion

Arshes Nei

Masticates in Public
You should, but it doesn't happen that way. Since hiding comments in the owner's mind means that's the end of it and the second part of reporting it doesn't happen. Seen it all too often now that DA's comment hiding system is in effect.


Arshes: I do think comment hiding is a stupid idea, for the reasons you mentioned and more, but I was just pointing out that there aren't any technical hurdles in implementing it. ...Well. I'm sure we all remember what happened in old-fa when the admins started deleting newspost comments all around. But that was just bad coding.

Mottenfest: The idea here is that there should be a fossil record for all comments, be they insulting or complementary. I personally think the blocking system is stupid, but I can see wy people use it, and I'm okay with because it's not retroactive. Deleting or hiding comments could create gaps in the fossil record, which is bad-- you wouldn't be able to tell if a user had been, say, hiding all comments giving artistic advice, or all comments from anyone not in a personal circle of friends, or other kinds of abuse like that.

On a totally unrelated note, oh my god is it weird to go from writing XHTML to having to deal with the stupid bbcode. I wanna <q> things.


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I'm not sure how hiding a comment from the public prevents an admin from keeping a "fossil" record. Besides, at this time admins delete harassing comments. At least if they are hidden there is still a record of them.

I'm not sure my point is made clear.
Here's is an example of a comment WORTHY of hiding: "I can't help but have a gigantic lolgasms when boneheads such as yourself who have little to zero artistic ability and photoshop skillz attempt art."
I'm not talking about hiding critiques or the like, I'm talking STRICTLY harassment.


and why was it again that strictly harassment should be user-hidden before an admin's descision to do so?


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The main focus is to help lower drama, if the comments are hidden only the admins will see them, but it will take time for them to get to each case.