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Commisions $2 - $13 up to three characters no extra cost

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Yep you read that right!  Up to three characters as low as $2 and no more than $13. (unless you want more than 3 characters)


Why so low you may ask?  Simple, I want a graphics tablet to improve my art.  I can’t afford one.  You get art and, if I get enough interest, I get a graphics tablet.  It’s a win/win situation

So here’s the dillio (god, did I just say that?  -.-0 )

Quick explanation

Sketches $2
Inked $5
Inked with simple background $8
Digital color $10
Digital color with simple background $13
extra characters (over the original 3) $0.75 (please no more than a total of 5 characters)

More in depth with examples

Sketches $2 – Still in the original pencil.  Some of the original positioning lines may still be visible.

Sample 1 - I hate this sketch but it’s the only one I have up at the moment.  The eyes and feet are too big.

Inked lines $5 – An inked and cleaned up drawing.  Ready to enjoy as is or color yourself if you prefer.

Sample 1 – An ink of the one I hate.  But hey, it’s inked.
Sample 2 - X WARNING ADULT!! Please don’t view if you’re underage.  
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5

Inked with simple background $8 – An inked and cleaned drawing with a simple background.

I don’t actually have any examples of this one.

Digital color $10 – An inked and cleaned drawing digitally colored. (unless you ask for a plain white background, the background will be a solid color or a simple gradation because I hate plain white backgrounds.  They take away from the character)

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5 - adorable little beta
Sample 6 – The eyes and feet look worse colored but pay them no mind.
Sample 7

Digital color with simple background $13 - An inked and cleaned drawing digital coloring and simple background

Sample 1
Sample 2 - X WARNING ADULT!! Please don’t view if you’re underage.
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9 - the composition on this is bad only because I messed up and had to cut off part of the dragon.
Sample 10 - a very quick one so it’s not all that good.  Anatomy is off, coloring is off, but it’s still really cute.
Sample 11
Sample 12
Sample 13

I’ll do pretty much anything.  Any kind of character, doing anything.  And I’ll do it to the best of my ability.  I won’t even ask for payment until it’s done.  That way you know you’re getting it.  But to be assured I get paid for it, I do ask to receive payment before you receive your art.

I don’t yet take paypal but I hope to soon.

I need to know before hand if you want the original or not.  If you do I need to use good paper so it’ll be archival (meaning it won’t yellow over time).  Also so I can come up with a shipping cost.  It won’t be much because it doesn’t cost much to ship a piece of paper.  But I’ll still need to go to the Post office and find out how much it will be depending on where you live.  I will charge you exactly what the post office will be charging me.  If you don’t want a shipping cost, let me know you don’t want the original

All I really ask is that you be patient with me.  I’m a college student with a full schedule.  It may take be a couple weeks but you WILL get it if you commission it.

**Edit: Also, if you want something other than just a character I'm more than willing.  If you want something in a different medium (i.e. charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, colored penciles, lemon juice etc.) just let me know and we'll talk about a price.  I'm happy to do anything you may wish of me.

Here's some examples of other things I could do

Sample 1 acrylics
Sample 2 acrylics
Sample 3 watercolor
Sample 4 watercolor
Sample 5 watercolor
Sample 6 lemon juice (that's right, lemon juice)
Sample 7 conte - Warning Artistic Nude
Sample 8 charcoal
Sample 9 charcaol


Just a question before I can be sure: are you all right with reptiles and gore?


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Daiger said:
Just a question before I can be sure: are you all right with reptiles and gore?

Sure am. I'm fine with anything. I've never done gore before so I don't know how good I am at it, but I'll do my best. if that's what you'd like.


Shinotenshi said:
Daiger said:
Just a question before I can be sure: are you all right with reptiles and gore?

Sure am.  I'm fine with anything.  I've never done gore before so I don't know how good I am at it, but I'll do my best. if that's what you'd like.

Well, could you do a sketch of an extremely buff boxing t-rex punching this less buff wingless dragon in the head hard, with the maximum amount of blood, gore and cuts and the works possible? The gloves are *big and unobscured*, sized like in these pics:

The t-rex:


The dragon:

References of fighting scenes:


Here’s other commissions done to give you an idea:

In a nutshell, lots of pain and blood for the boxing dragon.

Is that enough details?


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pleny of info *^_^* it's always helpful to have reference pics.

Are you wanting the original or is a jpeg good?


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Finally, it's done.

I'm sorry about the change in tone towards the end.  I miss calculated the size it would be and it ran off so I needed to add another piece which made it to big for my scanner and I scanned it in two pieces and it didn't scan them quite the same.  So as an
appology I put in a simple background and shaded it.

I hope I did okay for my first time doing buff lizard men and gore and for knowing honestly nothing about boxing.
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