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Hello everybody ! The commisions are opened, in general I work for 25-30$/hour of work, it depends on the project etc (complexity, technique ...). And the price is negotiable :) but the minimum is 25$

But we can say that :
-full-character/portrait, just line or shades of grey = 25-30$
-full character/portrait, with simple colors and simple shadows = 40-60$
-full-character/portrait, with colors, shadows, textures effects etc (like the illustration below) = 70-90$

-Simple background (like grass, flowers, sky but that's all) = +15$
-background with one or two more complex elements like a house, a big tree etc = +25$
-complex background (a room full of objects, a city etc) = around 30-50$

Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm open for all type of project, NSFW too!
Have a nice day :)