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Anthro Adopt Store

Important Read =

1. Customer's payment must be received within 24 hours.

2. Payment only available through Paypal.

3. Customer paid first then Deximo Dreadus send the illustration or picture to the customer.

4. Sending image through Email, Telegram, or directly through customer's social media.

5. Untamed Half don't allowed bidding.

6. Customer posted their own character's art first in the comment section (Or private message feature if this available in the site or app).

7. Each customer willing to wait for a long time for their turn. The time depends on the artist's situation or condition. The illustration can be done in a several minutes or the longest is three days. Untamed Half wanted a patience customer.

8. Customer accepting Deximo Dreadus (The artist) style of drawing.

9. Untamed Half allowed only male characters.

10. If customer's character doesn't wear a clothes or accesories on. Untamed half will draw clothes for the character. The clothes will be drawn separately. The clothes will be put as a separate images or file. The clothes and accesories for the customer's character are free from the artist and have no cost.

11. This commission don't take background commission. The image will have no background at all similar to a render. Customer can used the illustration as a sticker.

12. I'm (The artist) the one who set the image's resolution or size. The illustration's resolution is 4320 × 7680. Customer can't change it.

13. Untamed Half really forbid offensive, sensitive, provocating, and shocking art demands.

Thank you very much, dear customers. Can't wait to help you. Be brave for asking what you wish.

Examples of Artworks =