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Commission Advent Calender (items $5 and up)



It's time for the commission advent!

How does this work? What are the rules?

-The way this works is that you purchase a slot, and the date that the slot corresponds to is when you will receive the finished commission.
-These are primarily "wing it" commissions so I will not be giving out WIPs except for on the larger pieces (Cel Fullbody, Portrait, and Scene). For headshot commissions, you may pay on that day as long as you don't wait until late to do it. For 5-16 (not including headshots), I would like payment one week in advance to ensure I have enough time to complete your commission for the day you want it. Keep in mind I don't begin work until I have been paid. For slots 19-30, I would like payment 2 weeks in advance, as these take longer to do. If your scene is not too complex, one week is fine.
-There aren't extra charges for detailed characters like there would be for my normal commissions! If your character has wild markings or feathery wings or intricate tattoos, the price still stays the same.
-However, adding extra characters for the larger commissions still has the same cost as with normal commissions.
-Pictures do not have to be holiday themed, and you don't have to have payment ready to claim a slot. You can claim now without paying anything, as long as you pay with enough time left for your commission as outlined above.

Examples of works can be found on my commissions page for each type listed.

What I will do: Humans, furries, feral characters, non-sexualized babyfur characters, any body type, nsfw commissions (Please see the bottom section of this ToS to see what I will and will not do for nsfw].
What I won't do: nsfw works on my blacklist, original species that break the rules of their species (gotta respect the creators, guys, sorry!), surprise nsfw art for someone if you don't have proof they are okay with receiving that kind of gift from you

Unlisted types:
Custom- This refers to a custom designed character for you. You choose species, gender, and theme or color palette, and whether you want them to have clothes, and you will receive the design in the form of an inked, flat colored fullbody picture. I will do this for original species only if they belong to you, or you can show me that the owner allows people to make paid designs of their species.
Doodle Page- A page of cleaned sketches, at least four with at least one fullbody sketch. You'll need to tell me about your character's personality for this one, especially since these are usually meant to be humorous.

Comment or note me with the number you'd like to claim a slot! Feel free to comment with any questions you have as well.

1) Headshot (CLAIMED KittyWhiskersFoxxyShasta )
2) Headshot (CLAIMED Amari on Furry Amino)
5) Icon (CLAIMED KittyWhiskersFoxxyShasta )
6) Headshot (CLAIMED Sora on Furry Amino)
7) Icon (CLAIMED FabFurStudios on Furry Amino)
8) Headshot (CLAIMED maelyd )
9) Icon (CLAIMED FabFurStudios on Furry Amino)
12) Chibi (CLAIMED KittyWhiskersFoxxyShasta )
13) Custom (CLAIMED Raika on Furry Amino)
14) Chibi (CLAIMED maelyd )
15) Custom
16) Chibi (CLAIMED Tenten the Fluff on Furry Amino)
19) Custom (CLAIMED cercus )
20) Cel Fullbody
21) Doodle Page (CLAIMED rocketeerio )
22) Cel Fullbody ( CLAIMED cosmo-cat )
23) Doodle Page
26) Portrait
27) Scene
28) Portrait
29) Scene
30) Portrait
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Icon for Day 5!

And Headshot for Day 6!

The scene slot has opened back up as well, and since there hasn't been too much interest in final week, if you buy a scene or portrait, I'm willing to bump it up to one of the slots in the week before Christmas, so it'll be done in time for the holiday so long as those slots aren't full!
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Days 7-9. All the icons and the last headshot!


Currently left on the calendar as I write this is one custom design, one chibi, one fullbody, one doodle page, and the last row full of full scene and portrait illustrations. Thank you everyone who has ordered so far! I didn't expect such a big success from this and I'm very happy with how it's going.