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Commission completed: ''The archer tiger / Semirealistic style~''

I think felines are beautiful creatures. I love when these types of commissions come.



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Lovely work. I like the soft-focus feel of the fur, it makes it look slightly plushy without having excessive, emasculating levels of fluff.

Silly thing though; I'm not sure the right hand is close enough to the jaw. The point of drawing to the jawline is that you rest your thumb against the crook of your jawline as a reference point. That's how you know you're drawing the bow to the same distance every time you loose, so you can accurately gauge the power released. Makes you more accurate. Ancient cultures tended to draw to the chest instead, which is less accurate as there isn't an immutable reference point to feel there, and you're not looking along the shaft of the arrow.

But that's a really, really minor thing and I don't want it to ruin a technically excellent piece.

Miles Marsalis

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Gonna need to give your gallery a look. I definitely love the style and concept.

I also learned something useful about archery. ;)
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