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Hiring: ($50+) Commission for my character - Fang (CLOSED)

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Hey all, I'm currently wanting to try and get more art! Instead of just free things I'm considering getting something paid, but out of all the characters i have, i am feeling like getting art of a specific character of mine, that would be Fang.

Fang is one of my personal favorites of my characters, although one of the least arts of the ones that have art.. the brief information will he provided below, as well as existing two pictures, however if you have further questions, you may message me anytime.
•Fang is a genetics experiment, once human, he is never really happy joyful flowery and welcoming/friendly.
•current canon.. he is about 11.5 feet tall paw to head
•he is not a cat, he is not a dog, and shouldn't really be treated quite as such..
•his form is ever shifting and adapting, so there are different scenarios possible in which to draw him
•he can be quite dark, bloody and gorey, so some bloody detail is fine, however no NSFW content, such as nudity or sexual content involved.
•he is FERAL. Keep that in mind. Four legged, not anthro. If you can't draw that, don't comment here.
(This information is mainly just to see if you're comfortable drawing this type of character. More details will be given if i pick somebody to commission.)
-contact info
•PMs here
•Messages on the main site
•@BluefiremarkII#2898 discord
•you may also respond below, but for private conversations, please choose one of the above, if none work, you may also ask me for another method that might work for you.

No minimum cost technically, but i want something of decent quality, so 50$ was a good estimate to start with, beyond that, I'm not paying 200 for this, i might be willing to do 100 at maximum. 0-100$ range.
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always hungry
hi there!
I haven't done feral in a long time, but I'm sure I can do a decent job


see that? 2012 ! xDD
anyways, a full body feral portrait like the above would be $50

If you'd prefer to have color, I have a few coloring styles you might like: cellshade +$25 | paint 1 +$35 | paint 2 +$50
I also offer $25-$50 icons for a safer bet



AKA cosmonautiks
Hello! I usually do more anthro stuff but I’m looking to expand my style to do feral too. I have commissions well in your price range and I’d like to personally extend to you a 20% discount off my commissions because I don’t have as much experience drawing feral characters as I would like to have. I’ve put some examples of my work below but more can be found in my gallery. If you’re interested in working together please send me a message. Thank you so much!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
I'll leave this thread open for a while, so many different people can contact me and get a chance before i make a decision! Thanks to everyone whose advertised so far though, when the time comes I'll make a decision.

A bit of updated information:
-no time constraints, i don't need this in a hurry, so if you're a slow artist no need to worry!
-please do send at least one example of feral work so i know you're capable, thanks!


Fire-breathing artist
Hi there, I hope you'll consider my artstyle! I just recently started commissions and would looove to do more feral art like this. I would also like to message you on Discord if you don't mind!



Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang