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Commission for OC Custom D&D Race Half-Illithid Half-Elf [Now Closed]


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I am looking to commission a reference image for a Homebrew race of mine for D&D. A basic idea for the appearance in terms of a reference source, think an Asari from the Mass Effect Franchise as they appear to the player, except the tentacles on their head can grow out much like hair and are not rigid. Tentacle color would be a Grey-sh blue in this case and the facial structure and body would be more elven in appearance, including ears and skin-tone.

Specifics for this particular character reference would be a female, looking to be about 15/16 years old with a decent lithe figure to her. Subtle but well-rounded with slightly more womanly curves that one might expect, but still appearing as a teen. Skin tone would be lightly tanned and tentacle hair color, again, greyish-blue. her 'hair' should come about down to the middle of her back (Either free or in a braided ponytail). And her eyes should have violet irises. Both nude and Geared versions wanted.

For gear, I'd like her to be clad in, essentially, padded chain with accents of colorful leather and cloth, made in what the artist would describe as an "Elven Design". She is a Scholarly Warlock/Warrior Multi-class and I'd like the outfit to reflect that if possible. She's equipped with a mace on her left hip, a light crossbow, shield, and dagger. On her back right hip, I'd like a latched-on book to be present, something seeming mystic in nature. On her right hand, she wears a Ring Of Spell Storing, you should be able to see what it looks like by googling it. Around her neck, she wears a pendant that is made of silver and depicts the Serpent and Staff medical symbol in a hollow ring hanging from a thin chain. On her left hand, she wears a wide-banded polished copper ring with etchings of musical notes on it. In addition, she has a small purple crystal tied about her right wrist.

Budget of $150 USD for the set
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Hi there ♡ Your OC sounds really cool. I draw my half-elf a lot for D&D and would be interested in doing this job!

Please check out my gallery:
Artwork Gallery for little.fox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

PM me if you think my style could work for you.




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I'd like to thank everyone for showing an interest in this commission and wish you all luck in finding customers, but I have chosen the artist for this job.