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(Commission) Selling: Commission Info $12-$40 (varies)


New Member
I have commissions open!
Contact at stargravityart@gmail.com
Art Tumblr: stargravity
Payment is handled through paypal and I do not begin the commission until I receive payment!

Headshots (line art + flat color) 12 USD

Half-Body (line art + flat color) 25 USD (+15 per additional character)

Fullbody (line art + flat color) 40 USD (+20 per additional character)

Will Draw:

  • fursonas
  • ocs
  • ships
  • lgbt content/headcanons
  • slight nudity
Will Not Draw:

  • pedophilia/incest/abuse/etc
  • anything I find uncomfortable
  • anything I do not morally agree with
  • nsfw