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Commission Jesie because she needs money to repair her shit.


I need to take commissions to help fix the 'EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS BREAKING' problems I have.. or have been having..

So really, business as usual.

I make these fabulous aviator ear flap hats which I'm selling for just starting at 20 bucks each depending on sophistication of your character.
Black cat:

A shark:

Note: These hats are made out of fleece, but I can make them out of fur too.

Inked work: $15.00
Clean, prepared to color digital line art. Free for you to do whatever with when I hand it over.

Digital work: $25.00
Full color, shade, and highlights. Again, free for you to do whatever you want with it soon as I hand it over.

Various Canvas Sizes: $50+
Canvas oil paintings start at $50.00. Message me to discus size requests & shipping.

PM for paypal information.
Contact my FA page at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jesie/