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Commission me? (Chibi-ish style, $6/ €5 price range, also humans)


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Hi and first off, thanks for reading my post!

I'm not really a part of this community, so forgive me for intruding :p
I'm just a young artist who's looking to earn a little pocket money here by selling my skills ;)

I guess you'll want some samples first.
This is my latest furry:

For human examples, I'd like to redirect you to my DA gallery

I'll be selling these kind of chibi's for $6 / €5 a piece.
Comments on my price? Let me know
Payment is to be done through paypall (fee is not included!)
Upfront payment.

I'll draw anything except reptile-ish faces, mecha and guns.
My style is cute and dynamic, so macarbe and horror requests may not turn out the way you want them :p

Please be specific in your requests. (Do you want to see a WIP?) Vagueness will result into me drawing my way ;) and I don't want complaints afterwards (unless it's really my fault ofcourse :D)

Interested? Contact me here or on my DA ;)

Did I forget anything?
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Not yet actually :(

I do have some in an older style though, they might give you a better idea
These were drawn on paper, scanned and I retraced the lines with a line tool x3
x x x x x