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I've been trying to get money for something very important, and I need money as quick as yesterday for it.

I draw loads of different ways
Chibis, fullbodys, SFW nudity, NSFW, fetishism, hentai animation, etc.
I just started my FurAffinity account, but I've drawn some furries and done commissions quite a bit on dA.

Chibis starting as low as $9
Full bodies starting as low as $14
SFW nudity starting as low as $19
NSFW starting as low as $29
Hentai animations starting as low as $38
(If animations last longer than 20 seconds the price rises)
Flat prices are done on traditional ink and flat copic colour
Rising prices are done in digital art
(For example a digital furry chibi would come to about $18 *depending on complexity of character*)

I will draw:
Oc x canon
Mythic animals
Hybrid animals
Anything really

I look forward to hearing from people, as I would love to draw more :)