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I need income for our new internet being set up for a new work from home job (bills of course too) and don't really have a selection of samples to 100% reassure you as the customer, so hence the "fast come fast go" prices. They will be mostly lineart and flat coloring. If I'm inspired by your content, I will do additional rendering to add as my store's samples that you will of course, receive a copy of.

Yes, my current samples are poor. That is the point of these current price points, you as a buyer would be taking a risk at your discretion. I wish for more practice, but that does not mean I won't be putting as much effort and care into your piece. I need my time and effort compensated, as everyone doing any activity serving others do. I want you as the customer to be very happy with your product, and I want to be very happy of what I make. I will provide a refund ONLY if I have not started on your piece, so you need to email me IMMEDIATELY as you change your mind.

No, my samples are not finished pieces. It's a personal piece I've been painstakingly and carefully designing of Xayah from League of Legends. The hand is just an example of a color rendering I can do.

Portraits/Bust (Mid chest and above)- $7
Half body (waist up, lower if its a lewd/suggestive but not NSFW)- $14
Full Body- $28
Additional character same drawing- each $5
Background- x2 base price
Detailed rendering with shading, lighting, and coloring- +2x base price

Please keep in mind, if you request background and detailed rendering the 48 turnover time will be lengthened accordingly. Your piece however will NOT exceed a week deadline. I don't wish to have lengthy backlogs of anything. If something were to happen to me in my personal life, you will be notified IMMEDIATELY and given a new time estimate for piece completion.

What I will do:
Any creature, humanoid or not. Mechas included too.
SFW Youth, elderly
Design- x2 base price

What I will NOT do:
NSFW/lewd youth, elderly, pregnancy.
Scat/waste excrement category type of stuff. The only exception is a poop emoji, but not in the character's mouth(s) or genitals. Poop emoji as censorship would be fine.
Vore or gore of a sexual nature.

How it works
Send me an email at eerinyx@gmail.com.
Email title: Hello my name is (name you wish to be addressed by)
I would like a commission of (character, creature, object, background)

Include details you wish to be added. Please, provide me with a reference of each thing you want if possible, including body types, color palettes, even textures. This will also be a good time to ask any questions about the process or clarify if I will accept your request, if you haven't posted so in the thread already. You may also post interest or any conversation starter in this thread, relevant or not. I will be happy to accept comment bumps for relevancy and exposure.

Once I confirm your email and reply back with my paypal email address, I will not be starting your piece until payment is received upfront.

From there, you have three opportunities to make changes to your piece. The first opportunity is when I send you a sketch, you will approve and/or provide critique. The second opportunity will only be applicable if there was significant critique to the initial sketch. The third and last opportunity will be at the finishing stage of the drawing, where adjustments to details and coloring will be at your discretion. If you did not need to use the second opportunity you are free to request additional changes (not to request additional content, unless I consider them minor details such as but not limited to accessories, expression detail etc) to the last stage of the drawing, if needed.

Upon completion of this commission you also agree to:
Provide credit for my work if it is posted anywhere, or requested by others. You don't have to provide credit if its a private conversation for example, but you CANNOT claim the drawing as your own, or made by you. A link to this FurAffinity account will suffice for now, or my username stating that it's a username from FurAffinity. For the time being, I will not allow anonymity/full privacy rights to my drawings as I will be relying on provided credit to me as advertising. You may edit the drawing, simply be sure to state precisely what you edited in addition to artist credits.


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