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(Commission) Selling: Commission Prices! starting at $8+


self-taught artsist // 18
Hello, so I'm trying to get back to selling art! From the last time I was here I improved. So here are my prices.

  • Bust shaded: $10
  • Bust flat colored (no shade): $8
  • Full body shaded: $20
  • Full body flat colored (no shade):$12
  • Request that were not listed let me know and I can help name a price
  • Extra characters will cost more so ask about the prices
I can draw furries, humans, and in-between. I can draw NSFW but ask first because some things I can't do for NSFW as I'm beginning to expand my art style.

If you commission me please give me time for completion as sometimes things can take 2+ weeks to complete due to school. I can do Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App.

Art Examples
This is my newest art piece that is fully shaded and submitted for an art contest

older art from 2018


More examples of my work can be found here