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Commission Prices!


Full Body

☆Sketch- 20$
☆Black & white lineart- 25$
☆ Flat color- 50$
☆ Color and shading- 70$


☆Sketch- 5$
☆Black & white lineart- 7$
☆Flat color- 10$
☆Flat color- 15$
☆Color and shading- 20$


☆Sketch- 5$
☆Black & white lineart- 10$
☆Flat color- 15$
☆Color and shading- 20/25$

*I don't draw anything offensive, but furry, nsfw, and mech or armor is fine but it may affect the price.
* I also don't do backgrounds very often so if you'd like one, please let me know! Something simple is free, but a complex background will cost extra!
*Most prices are fixed, but if a design is complex it may cost more!