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Commission Request


New Member
Hello, I am not good at drawing and I am looking for someone to do a commision for me, and I am willing to pay up to 100 USD (maybe more depending upon what might be required) for multiple drawings, half being NSFW the others SFW...


Drawing Details:
I want the photo to contain a Wolf and a Bear, the wolf is an average body type, and the bear is a rather chubby body type, and they will be sleeping together in a bed in nothing but their underwear in the SFW photo, and then nothing on in the NSFW photo.
For this commission I would rather it not be holiday themed.

The sizes I was thinking of are as follows, 2 icons so about 200x200 to 400x400 for use on social platforms if I choose to use them as my icons, 1920x1080 for my phone background, and finally 1366x768 for my computer background... all of which would be both SFW and NSFW, so there would be 6 photos, 3 are SFW and the other 3 are about the same except for they are NSFW....

If any further Info is required please contact me through a PM/DM. Thanks.


New Member
I'm new to FurAffinity, but I'm no stranger to drawing and am currently looking for work. I'm confident I can produce an image you would really be happy with if you haven't already found someone to do the job. Check out my Tumblr if you're unsure about my abilities, arizoji.tumblr.com: フィジー 緑 Tea Time
I know I don't have any related material to show thus far, but as you can see from the few pieces I have displayed, I have a strong grasp on basic anatomy and possess the skills to create what you're looking for.
Send me a DM if you're interested in working with me!


Digital Artist
im interested in working with you if you like what you see, send me a pm or just reply here -


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Thanks everyone for posting and letting me know that I have many options, but I have found who I am going to have do this commission this time around.

Once more thanks!