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Hello! I am a freelance illustrator and currently have a commission sale on! Commissions now have 30% off!

I work with a wide range of media for example pen, graphite and ink to digital so there is much to choose from.
As to what subject matter, I can create for is pretty much anything, for example, character design, concepts, pets, human, OC's, monsters, NSFW, furries and landscapes. All the weird and wonderful is welcome :)

However, I will not create anything offensive or subjects that I feel unconformable with. If you are unsure just ask me, I will not judge :)

Commission are normally completed within 3 working days but depending on what you want and how busy I am it can take 1-3 weeks max from your order date.

Please contact me through my FA account -https://www.furaffinity.net/user/coldsoul/ with a note titles "Commission" :)

Here are some examples of my work but if you want to see more just hop over to my FA account.
Slots are limited to 8 so get them while you can!! :)

www.furaffinity.net: Tough Girl by ColdSoul

www.furaffinity.net: Phoenix- I'm Still Here by ColdSoul

www.furaffinity.net: King Diaris by ColdSoul

www.furaffinity.net: Inner Strength by ColdSoul
www.furaffinity.net: old Darsiron pen drawing by ColdSoul

www.furaffinity.net: Mouse Drawing by ColdSoul