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(Commission) Selling: ($10+) Clef's Commissions (headshots, fullbodies, ref sheets, + more)!


♡ Please check out my Commission Carrd for more examples! ♡

commission sheet 2021-min 2.png

Terms of Service & Info

WILL draw:
-MILD NSFW for 18+ adults
-MILD blood/gore
-Humans/humanoids (not preferred, contact me with ref for more info)

Will NOT draw:
-Complicated clothing, machinery, accessories, etc.
-HEAVY blood/gore
-Anything hateful/bigoted
-Anything else I'm not comfortable drawing (up to my discretion)

General info:
-My to-do list and progress can be found on my Trello
-WIP images are available upon request
-I will do my best to finish commissions as soon as possible, but school is my priority. My ADHD can also make time management difficult. If it has been two weeks since progress has been made on your piece (viewable in my Trello), you can reach out and ask for an update!
-If you would like the commission done by a certain date, please let me know when you place the order! (I will let you know if I will be unable to complete it in time before I start the sketch)
-You are allowed to request minor changes to finished pieces at no additional cost (large changes and/or changes to elements seen and approved of in WIP images can be made for a fee at my discretion)

-Full price is payed upfront
-No refunds are allowed after I finish a sketch (before this, full refunds are allowed)
-If you want a refund and payed me through PayPal, please do not request a Paypal chargeback! Just let me know and I'll send the money back to you

-I reserve the right to reject any order for any reason.
-I retain copyright over commissions
-Unless directly requested when ordering, I can post the commission on sites, use it as self-promotion, etc.
-I will not profit any further from commissions

-You cannot trace, copy, or heavily reference commissions
-You cannot claim commissions as your own work or remove my watermark
-You may use commissions online for personal use with proper credit (icon, avatar, wallpaper, etc.)
-You cannot repost commissions without explicit written permission
-You cannot make any profits from commissions (reselling, prints, merchandise, etc.)

Contact & Payment

How to order:
-My preferred way of receiving orders is directly through my Ko-fi
-Otherwise, feel free to contact me through my email, messaging any of my social media accounts, or commenting on this thread

-My preferred method of receiving payment is directly through my Ko-fi
-Otherwise, contact me for my PayPal and other potential forms of payment

Order Form

Please copy, paste, and fill out this form when ordering (one per commission)!:
(This is not required, but it is preferred just so I know I have all the info I need!)

Commission type:
Extras (shading, extra character(s), simple background/props, extras (if ordering a ref sheet)):
Reference(s) of character(s) (At least one clear visual ref (this includes for ref sheet commissions)):
Pose/expression/mood/etc. (OPTIONAL: include anything you want me to do! You can add as much or as little as you'd like):
Social media (OPTIONAL: so I can tag you when I upload it):