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(Commission) Selling ($20+) Art Commissions! ($20-$80)


New Member
Portrait: $20
Half Body: $40
Full Body: $60
Complex backgrounds: +$15
Color: +$5

I Will do:
Complex backgrounds (it changes price)
Any outfit

I Won't do:
Discriminatory content
Heavy gore, body horror
Illegal acts involving a minor/ looks like a minor

I will need good references to work from, be sure to have those or be able to provide a detailed description. My works are mainly black and white, if you would like your picture colored, please let me know to adjust the price

Payment will be made upfront and through Paypal.
You can contact me through Fur Affinity or my email at phhoenix1@gmail.com

Do not use my art to make money unless you make it clear to me beforehand, if you commission something for commercial purposes I will change the prices.