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Commission work for project with potential for more work


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Hi All,
I am looking to commission multiple pieces of work with the first, and trial, work beginning with a dragon based on shadmans, "mother of dragons" work. Please see the link below for that work.
I will be looking to get just the dragon with all the apendages identical to how they have beeen drawn by shadman with a basic rocky looking background.
Please get in contact if this work interests you as if you are the artist chosen for the work there will be much more work to follow including more creatures drawn and comics for each of the creatures which have been commissioned.
I am open to all kinds of work this is not just limited to the standard fantasy dragon, i would also be interested in anthro-humanoid work.
If you are interested please message me direct on here or via my email, crypto-zoo.io to discuss further.
If there are any problems with this post please do not delete, contact me and i will rectify any problems promptly.
My Budget is currently about $10 - $150 Negotiable for particularly good work

Thank you very much for your time.


www.shadbase.com: Mother Of Dragons | Shädbase NSFW!
www.shadbase.com: Mother Of Dragons – Sensual Kissing | Shädbase NSFW!
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