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Commissioned Artist Positivity Thread

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Selling your art can be rough. Whether it’s your client being a dick, some rando beating you down, or even your own mind destroying your self esteem, it’s tough to stay optimistic.

If you sell commissions or are thinking of starting to sell them, this is for you.

What’s a kind thing someone has said to you? Or maybe a piece of advice you wish a younger you got. Or maybe you just want to say something nice to all artists. This is a place for that. A place for optimism.

(Please don’t solicit art appraisal or critiques in this thread. This is not the space for that.)


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I've been doing commissions for a long time and I've met lots of kind of people... sadly, not everyone is nice no matter how nice you treat them so as you said, it's very important to be possitive, cheerful and optimistic. Don't let any bad comment affect you because it's not worth it.

It happened to me recently for example, I was asked for a commission. I didn't understand the details so the person wrote some more extended details and I still didn't see the idea quite clear so I told him as good as I could explaining that I thought it wouldn't work out becuase x and y reasons, that it needed some changes. All the person said was: this is not going to work. So without any further discussion I refund his money because it was the right thing to do. Didn't even say thank you for trying or I'm sorry it didn't work. Never spoke to me again making me feel like crap.

Things happen, not everybody is grateful with our job.

Still, I mostly have possitive experiences around here so I'm very happy with my clients ♥


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Dearest me in 2014,

There is no shame in being a full time artist.
Let people talk, they're not paying for you to live.
Do what you believe in and do it well.

Clients may not have the same Mind's Eye or Imagination like you do. Communication is key to excellent commissions and customer service. Listen to your client and stop complaining that you're not a mind reader.

Ask questions. Make sure you're on the same page.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

S E N D W I P s
S E N D W I P s

Build a relationship of trust, build an image of reliability. Work honestly and with integrity.

Draw with Improvement in Mind.

Know your strength but don't rely on one thing. Keep learning and refine it. Work to transform your weakness into something useful.

Know your ego and tenacity.
Be ferocious but humble.
Know your limits. Evaluate if the paycheck and effort is worth it before taking a job.
Never Undersell - but Overperform instead

Take a break

Be kind to your client and to yourself.
Do your best, and money will rain.

You 2019
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I have some art advice, hope this makes sense cus Im kinda just writing what Im thinking.

I do commission work regularry, I guess. And I still struggle very very often with not liking what Im producing- redrawing things 10 times, stressing out about lines and shapes, "the hair doesnt 100% look like the character's, Im a fucking failure!!!!"
My advice for that kind of art insecurity is to let your commissioner see your sketch/flats anyway, and ask if they would like anything changed. They will be honest with you, and if they say they like it, heckin believe them, build on that sketch and finish it even if you are sitting there with gritting teeth not being satisfied because youre (too) hard on yourself.
A big motto which has kept my stupid ass going is "I dont have to like it, the commissioner has to"- Its really helped me get commissions done.

Also another thing Id like to say is that mental health really affects the way you view your artwork. A lot of the times when I struggle with commissions its not bc the art is terrible but rather because I have other shit things going on in my daily life at that moment, so I project those shitty feelings into the things I work on. I always look a back at finished artwork a few months later, and realize, "huh, this actually looks good. Why did I hate this?"

Oh and another advice: You cant only draw when youre motivated. You will maybe be motivated 10% of the time to work on art, the other 90% is dedication and discipline!


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I'm still pretty new to hustling the commission game, and what I can say from where I am at the bottom of the mountain is don't give up.

It's admittedly been pretty stressful for me so far, wont lie. I'm really grateful for the people who have given me a shot but getting turned down so often really wears you thin. I know that with enough time and patience I'll eventually get to a point where I won't be so stressed about chasing after clients to make ends meet but for now thats where I am; climbing the mountain. But don't worry lads I'm not finished yet. Just you wait ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ