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hi everyone! im sonny, im fairly new to using furaffinity- hoping these forums can help me generate some sales!

first off, this is my carrd, this is important to read because it has my tos at the bottom. before i do any sale i always confirm you have read my tos first. heres my carrd.

ych's available:
autism/tbh creature ych, the base is a goat but it can be modded into anything that can be put on four legs! only $5 for a simple oc and $10 for a complex one.


pool toy floaty ych
, fully customizable, i can remove the valve/handle, redraw them, etc, make it any species, all for $40 flat! in this image is included two examples, which are also adopts! linked here is an imgur album with all my adopts available- please inquire for pricing!

adopts plus ych.png

commissions available:

i give a fairly vague explanation of my comms in my carrd so i will flesh it out a bit more here. i have full imgur albums of everything i have to offer which will be linked here, along with several examples of my work! again, please make sure you do read my carrd and understand my tos before potentially deciding to commission me.

full body colored drawing: $50+, price is at my discretion- if you have an oc with complex patterns, extra limbs, fancy clothes, etc, i may charge more. linked here is an imgur album of examples. i also charge +$20 per extra character and +$20 for a background/details.


full body sketched drawing: $25+, again price is at my discretion due to complexity. +$15 per extra character and +$15 for a background. linked here is an imgur album of examples.


nsfw fullbody colored drawing: $70+, pricing at my discretion, +$25 per extra character or large prop (such as a pool toy). linked here is an imgur album of examples.

nsfw sketch drawing: $50+, pricing at my discretion, +15 per extra character or large prop. linked here is an imgur album of examples.

my limits for nsfw art commissions: scat, noncon/r*pe, ageplay, underage characters. pretty much everything else im okay with but ill let you know if i have any issue with your request.

if youre interested in anything else not listed here, simply message me!!!
i am more than happy to accomodate what anyone might be interested in from me, and im only a message away. my prices are slightly flexible for new customers- if youd like to commission but cant afford it, i can shave off $5-$10 for you just to be accomodating. i am very friendly, and ill keep you updated on progress on your commission often. my turnaround time can be in the same day or it can take 2-3 weeks, but i will let you know exactly your time frame at the time of your commission, and ill let you know if anything changes.

all that being said, my discord is sonny#9250! please feel free to add me to inquire, or you can message me here, i just might not get back to you as quickly. thanks so much for reading!!!