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Commissions anyone?


Lazy Artist
You're better off making one yourself with that budget.

The cheapest I've done a head for was 100 and that was with the foam base, fur, fleece, and nose provided by the commissioner (they also shaved the head with my job only being to sew and install).

Making one yourself should just be about 80.


I know, but it's very difficult to make it? I don't know if I can make one myself :l


The Creationist of Monsters
You can only get better by trying. You can't just suddenly make an extremely well head without it being done the first time. Make sure you look at a lot of online tutorials, asks tips from a lot of people who are experienced with head making, and just try to find your style in the process! Each fursuit maker has a unique style to their heads, so it doesn't hurt to try it on the first time on your own.