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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) COMMISSIONS AVAILABLE! digital illustrations, reference sheets and pixel art


an artist???
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Hello, I'm Mocha, a digital artist available for commission. I am an animation student so my time is spent juggling creating my puppets and doing commission work. My maximum turnaround for a piece is 3 weeks, so bear that in mind. These commissions will help me both financially and creatively, helping me build my portfolio for future employment. I also have a website with more examples! Not to mention my FurAffinity!

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Please take a minute to read my TOS before proceeding.

"My currency is GBP (£) and I require full upfront payment, I will send you an invoice. The prices for each commission type are starting prices, so be aware that they could go up depending on the extremity of the composition or detail. I can provide a single sketch prior to payment, it will be covered with a watermark to prevent theft. If you wish to remain anonymous when I post the finished art online, please state that in the briefing. The art produced is copyrighted to myself and I request credit if posting on another site. You may not use my art for commercial purposes. I reserve the right to cancel the commission or decline for any reason. If you become unsatisfied at any part of the process and wish to cancel your order, I offer refunds depending on the stage I'm at with your art."

I will draw = anthropomorphic and feral animal characters, humans, soft NSFW and gore.

I will NOT draw = taboo or hateful content, extreme fetishes, vehicles and large mechanical parts, underage characters in a sexual context.

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If you've gotten this far and are considering commissioning me, please fill out my commission form or ask any question in the comments below. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!