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(Commission) Selling: Commissions by Darkwiitch $15+ Anthro&Feral, semi-realism 1 slot open


Darkwiitch Commissions! 2020 Prices Updated
Commission Prices&TOS page
My FurAffinity Page
-Commission Prices & Information-
Headshot- neck up
Bust- chest up
Half Body- waist up
¾ Body- knees up
Full Body- feet up

NSFW or SFW welcome.
I will Draw- Animals, anthro and feral, most fetishes, gore, violence, humanoids
I will NOT draw- scat, watersports, cub, some sexual situations and domestic violence, humans

+Colored Wing-It Sketches+
Bust $25
Thigh Up $45
Full Body $60
shading: +$8-15
+ character: +full price
background: +$5-40, simple is free

+Flat Color+
Bust $30
Thigh Up $50
Full Body $65
shading: +$8-20
+ character: +full price
background: +$10-40, simple is free

+Full Render/Painting+
Bust $45
Thigh Up $60
Full Body $90
background: +$25-75
+ character: +full price​

Sketch Example 1
Full Body Sketches Example 1&2
Full Body Sketch 3
*NSFW, candy gore*Colored Sketch Example 1
Colored Sketch Bust Example 1
Color Sketch Full Body Example 1

Flat Color Bust Example 1
Flat Color Example, page doll
Flat Color w/ Background *old example
Shaded Full Body Example 1
Shaded FB Example, page doll
Shaded Bust Example
*NSFW*Shaded Example w/Background
Shaded Example w/ Background 2

$40, full color, shaded
$35, Flat color
$25, Colored sketch

Chibi Example 1
Chibi Example 2

Original is 800x800 300dpi
$40, full color, shaded
$35, Flat color
+$10-15 for simple animation

Icon, full color Example 1

on my base or one I have purchased
original character (fc, fb)
*accessories, clothing and weapons may cost extra

Design on Base Example 1
Design on Base Example 2
Design on Base Example 3
Design on my base 1
Design Example 1
Design Example 2

+Reference Sheets+
Anthro, feral. Nsfw or sfw
These are Flatcolor! Shading or detailing is extra.

$65- Simple Ref- 1 fullbody pose, color chart, stats and likes&dislikes, *now with 5 dislike or like icons!
+$55 - additional Full Body pose(anthro or feral), +$10 for shading
+$30 -Torso (anthro only) rear or front
+$25 - Pelt or wing view (top and underside)
+$30 - Expression Headshot, +53 shading
+$45 - Detailed Bust Portrait
+$15 - for maw/inside mouth Close up
+$5-15 each for additional close ups like ears, paws and eyes
+$15 - Genitalia Close up, +$5 for additional alt close up
+$15 per 5 Like/Dislike Icons or Small Accessories(piercings, jewelry)
+$10-25 each - Weapons (price depends on complexity and quantity)
+$10-15 per outfit (on the original FB pose)
+$30 - FC Chibi, +$5-15 for outfits! on the chibi​

*If you are interested in something not listed feel free to ask!*

Reference Sheet Example 1
Reference Sheet Example 2

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ONLY ONE Commission Slot Left!
this does not include ychs, just regular commissions

After I fill the last slot I will be closed for commission until January. Thank you!


CLOSED! Last slot was claimed, thank you!

I still have designs and YCHs available on my other thread and FA page.


OPENING for ONE Wing-it commission slot!


Updated Prices to match my 2020 prices! I am working on a new visual price sheet.

One wing-it commission open,
one flat or shaded commission open,
one chibi commission open,
one reference sheet commission open,
one avvie/icon commission open and
one fullrender or painting commission open!

I have a few bills to pay by the first and my birthday is on the 5th and I am hoping to bring my kids somewhere fun to celebrate.



Finished reference sheet for Resper on FA

Still wanting to take a feral canine commission