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Commissions from $10-$90


blm commission sheet.png

BLM Commission Journal

No revisions except for color changes so please be clear with your descriptions and references. Only 1 hour will be spent on the drawing. You have the choice of a chibi or more my regular style.

commission sheet.png

Will draw: backgrounds (extra charge depending), NSFW, furries/anthro (not very much practice), mecha (again not practice), pretty much anything since I’m trying to learn

Won’t draw: offensive material like racism, pedophilia, incest or hate,

I can do things in payment plans, but I must be paid at least 1/3rd of the commission before I’ll start. Once the final flats has been given commission must be paid in full before I will complete the work.

2 free revisions but more than that must be paid for so please ask for changes during the wip stages (changes in early wip stages are ok but once rendering place changes are harder to make). Specific long descriptions are ok as long as you know I have ADD and might not catch everything so it’s important to let me know any changes I need to do early on. The more visual refs the better. I will send sketches for approval as well as progress shots except for doodles.

I accept payment through paypal (jndamme@gmail.com) or venmo @iamrecyclable . You can dm your request, note me, or email me at jndamme@gmail.com

Slots 1/5:
1. gloomba 331
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