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Commissions from $15 Open!


New Member
I want to be able to buy the fur for my fursuit by the end of the month so I can get it finished for halloween .^.
It would be amazing of you guys could help me out! <3
I'm best at Anthro and human stuff but would also be willing to draw quadruped stuff

OC or canon, SWF or NSWF!
All drawings will be shaded, I won't be selling sketches.
Things I won't draw: giant robots, scat, watersports, diapers, and inflation

half body, $15
+character, $7
+background, $7

fullbody, $20
+character, $10
+ background, $10

All payments must be made with paypal
You will have to pay before I start on the work.

If you're interested you can either comment or note me a ref of the character(s) you want drawn!
if you don't have a ref a short written description would be fine

Thank you guys!

here's a few examples of my art, and heres my furaffinity if you want to look at my gallery