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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions guidelines


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Hy peeps,
I updated my commission guidelines for 2023~

- Payment by paypal, over USD40 you can make two installments, one upon agreement and the rest upon delivery.
- sizes are in pixels and are just reference, it might vary according to pose etc. every resolution is 300dpi.
This applies to scanned watercolor/ink works too.


Character portrait/headshot/profile picture (400x400px)
Color: USD 35
Grayscale/Lineart: USD 25

Examples: ; Deadline: 5-7 days counting from receiving the references

Solo Character bust/half-body/Chibi (400x700px)
Lineart: USD 45
Flat color: USD 55
Cell-shading: USD 70
Fully rendered: USD 120
additional characters: +USD 20
background: +USD 50

examples: ;
Deadline: 7-14 days counting from receiving the references

Solo character full body
Lineart: USD 60
Flat color: USD 75
Cell-shading: USD 90
Fully rendered: USD 200
additional characters: +USD 35
background: +USD 50

examples: ; https://imgur.com/in8yZpN

Deadline: 10-20 days counting from receiving the references


Group portrait! Up to 4 characters, half-body (1400x1400px)

Grayscale/sketch: USD 180
Lineart: USD 280
Flat color: USD 310
Cell-shading: USD 350
Fully rendered: USD 500
additional character (over 4): +USD 45
background: +USD 65

example: https://imgur.com/1NVWSrf

Deadline: 14-30 days counting from receiving the references


"background" refers to complex, detailed settings. If you want just a drop of color or shade it's free of charge~
If you'd rather work with an estimated/hourly paying I can also do that, as I charge around USD25/h.

I'll work with almost anything except real-life people references, scat and mecha (this last one is because I have no experience so I'm not confident enough to offer xD)

In any commission you have up to 3 changes on composition, I'll always send you around 3 options of posing/composition on each change you ask.
Any change over the 3 offered I usually charge an additional of +USD 5 to be applied on the payment upon delivery.

Any doubts just hit the dm ;)