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Commissions! Humans, anthros, ponies, ferals etc. ($6-$20)


Furry In Denial
Hello! Francchi here, ready to take up some commissions!

As mentioned above, I can do all sorts of stuff humans (old, young, skinny, muscular, male, female, anything p much), anthros, ponies, as well as ferals (not very experienced with them, but I know the basics of animal anatomy and I trust myself not to screw it up lol). Ferals and ponies count for the same price, mentioned in the sheet below.

All kinds of nudity and general NSFW is alright with me aside from some chosen fetishes. Gore is also okay as long as it's not extremely graphic.

Not listed, but I can do ref sheets as well for somewhere between $25-$30, it's all up to debate.
Design of characters and outfits also accepted, since I do meddle with fashion design a little.

Basically, just hit me up and we'll discuss the details, I'm willing to do almost anything!

All art will be colored and shaded, but styles may sometimes vary a little bit, depending on the character (i.e. more fluffy characters will have more sketchy lines, for the FLOOF effect!)

For some more examples (esp. furry work) see my FA gallery, Userpage of francchi71314 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or social media.

General price chart is here: